The cortege is led by the hearse and travels from the funeral service venue to the cemetery or crematorium. We invite families to use this procession as a meaningful way to personalise the funeral service.

When we meet with your family to discuss the funeral arrangements, we may ask if you would like the cortege to pass the family home or another significant location during the final procession for your loved one. This can be a special time for families, particularly if the death occurred at an Aged Care Facility or Hospital. Families often comment how much it means to them to bring their loved one home one last time.

If it is not logistically possible to pass the family home when travelling between the funeral service venue and the cemetery/crematorium, you may wish for the funeral to ‘depart the family home.’ In such circumstances, the hearse will arrive at the family home immediately prior to the funeral service and travel in cortege to the venue.

Even if your family chooses not to have a committal service at the cemetery or crematorium, you are still most welcome to accompany your loved one in procession on their final journey. At Reynolds Funerals, we will do our upmost to ensure that we accommodate any of your family’s specific requirements. Call our team for 24 hour care on 03 9579 2020.