Arranging A Funeral

How would you like to tell the special story of your loved one?

At Reynolds Funerals we understand that arranging a funeral or memorial service for your loved one can be a difficult and emotional task for you and your family. It can also be very rewarding as you reflect and honour their life. We hope that the information below can be used as a practical tool to consider your options and create a service that is unique and memorable. If you would like to download our ‘Arranging A Funeral’ booklet you can do so here.

Rest assured that our caring team is here to guide and support you from the moment that you contact us. We take great pride in our ability to help you share the special story of your loved one. Please call us on 03 9579 2020 for assistance.

At Home

If your loved one has died at the family home and has been under the care of a doctor who can confirm the cause of death, a family member should contact their surgery. The doctor or a locum will visit the family home to identify the deceased and confirm that the death has occurred. In these circumstances, the doctor will usually issue a death certificate which is required by law. The funeral director can only transfer the deceased into their care after the doctor has attended the family home.

At an Aged Care Facility or Hospital

If the death occurs at a hospital or aged care facility the staff will contact you. They will also complete the necessary formalities required for the death certificate to be issued. Often families will have given the hospital or aged care facility the name of their nominated funeral director but it is still advisable for a family member to contact our care team immediately on 03 9579 2020.

Suddenly or Unexpectedly

If the death is sudden, accidental or the doctor is unable to determine the exact cause of death, the police should be notified immediately by dialling 000. In these circumstances, the death will be reported to the State Coroner and the deceased will be transferred directly to the coroner’s mortuary facilities.

When the State Coroner is involved, a post mortem examination may be carried out to help determine the cause of death. This may slightly delay the funeral arrangements. Reynolds Funerals will liaise directly with the State Coroner on your behalf to arrange for your loved one to be transferred into our care as soon as possible.

At Reynolds Funerals we offer a range of funeral service options which are tailored to suit the special needs of your family. We take great pride in helping you share and celebrate the life story of your loved one.

To view the details of our service options and fees simply click on the link below. Alternatively we will work with you to customise your choices and provide you with a written fee proposal.

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Who will be responsible for arranging the funeral?

When we meet with you to discuss the funeral arrangements, your family will be required to appoint a ‘Responsible Person’ who is usually the next of kin or other close family member.  This person does not have to be related, nor do they have to be the Executor of the Will.  This person will be responsible for the decisions that need to be made regarding the funeral and for ensuring the funeral account is paid.  Your Reynolds Funerals care team member will liaise directly with this person leading up to and on the day of the funeral.

Where would you like the funeral service held?

It may be appropriate for the funeral to be conducted at a church, crematorium chapel, graveside or another special venue such as a golf/surf lifesaving club. Reynolds Funerals will endeavour to make sure that the venue is appropriate to celebrate the life story of your loved one.

Have you discussed the options of burial or cremation?

If you are unsure, did your loved one ever talk about their wishes regarding burial or cremation.

Would you like the service to be led by a civil celebrant, minister of religion or a member of the family?

Remember that even if your family is not overly religious, a civil celebrant can include readings and prayers if required. Also, in many cases a minister of religion can conduct a funeral service outside a church.

What type of music, songs, hymns would you like to be included in the funeral service?

Music is an integral part of a funeral service. Generally speaking, a maximum of 3 or 4 pieces of music will be played during the service. Did your loved one have a favourite song or artist? You may like to consider CD’s or live music/vocalist.

Would you like Reynolds Funerals to arrange for a floral tribute to be placed on the coffin/casket?

You might like to consider the type of flowers and colours that would be most appropriate. Perhaps you would like the colours to represent a favourite football team, club membership or country of origin.

Who would you like to deliver the eulogy?

As a guide, there are generally 1 or 2 eulogies delivered during the funeral service. As an alternative for those people who may not have the confidence to speak publically or who may be absent, you can always pre-record a eulogy and ask Reynolds Funerals to play it during the service.

Would you like refreshments to be held after the service?

You might like to consider where the refreshments will take place (eg: cemetery, local venue or the home of a family member). Generally, this information is included in the Order of Service or the celebrant/minister will announce the details during the service. If you like, Reynolds Funerals can arrange the catering for you. Our care team will take the time to explain the various menu options available.

If your loved one was a returned serviceman/woman, will an RSL service be required?

If so, the local RSL sub branch will need to be contacted to arrange for a representative to attend and lead the RSL service. Reynolds Funerals can attend to these arrangements if required.

What would you like your loved one to be dressed in?

Often families choose for their loved one to be dressed in their favourite clothing. Alternatively, Reynolds Funerals can provide a garment.

Would you like a memorial book for mourners to record their names in?

This provides you with a record of those who have attended the service.

Will a viewing be required?

Often family members wish to spend some time with their loved one. Consider if this is something that you would like to do. Many people find a viewing to be helpful with the grieving process whilst others choose to remember the person as they were.

Which family members or friends would like the honour of acting as pallbearers at the Funeral Service?

Generally, families arrange between 4 and 6 pallbearers. You might like to consider whether you would like the coffin/casket to be wheeled or shoulder carried at the conclusion of the service.

Are there any relatives flying from interstate to attend the Funeral?

Often airlines will provide special compassionate fares for immediate family members. Reynolds Funerals can provide the airline with the necessary information that they may require to verify the circumstances.

Would you like donations to be made to a nominated charity in lieu of flowers?

It might be appropriate to choose a favourite charity of your loved one. Alternatively, it may be suitable to choose a charity that focuses on medical research, particularly if your loved one suffered from an illness or disease. Reynolds Funerals can help organise the donation envelopes if you require assistance.

Would you like a death and funeral notice to be placed in the newspaper?

If so, Reynolds Funerals will prepare and place the funeral notice in the newspaper. We can also place your personal death notice in the newspaper on your behalf.

Would you like to have any of your loved one’s life symbols on display at the Funeral?

Life symbols can trigger fond memories and are a unique way to share the special story of your loved one.

Would you like balloons or doves of peace to be released at the service?

Releasing balloons, doves of peace or even encouraging mourners to wear bright colours are simple and effective ways to make the Funeral an uplifting experience.

Would you prefer a coffin or casket for your loved one?

A coffin is wider at the shoulders and tapered at the foot and has a lid that can be removed. A casket is rectangular and has a hinged lid. At Reynolds Funerals we have a wide selection to choose from. Our range of coffins and caskets start from $900 plus GST and can be viewed by clicking the images below. Generally speaking, a coffin will cost less than a casket.

Would you like an audio visual tribute to be played during the funeral service?

An audio visual tribute is a collection of photographic memories reflecting and honouring the life of your loved one. Your treasured moments are set against a themed background together with a favourite piece of music. If you like, Reynolds Funerals can arrange multiple copies of the audio visual tribute to be made for you to distribute to family and close friends as a keepsake.

Would you like any printed materials such as Orders of Service Booklets, Liturgy Booklets or Bookmarks to be distributed at the funeral service?

Many families like printed materials such as an Order of Service or bookmarks to be given out at the funeral service. Consider whether they are appropriate for the type of service you are planning. Reynolds Funerals has an excellent range of printed materials which we can tailor to your family’s own style. To view the full range please click here.

At the time of arranging a funeral there are a number of Statutory Forms that you may need to complete.

For your convenience, you can download these forms below. Alternatively these forms can be completed at the time of the arrangement conference.

To send us photos, files or music for the service, the easiest way is to click the ‘upload’ button below and fill out and submit the form. Alternatively you may email files to us at, or call us on 03 9579 2020 to organise an alternative method to send the files to us.


There is no simple answer to this question as there are many variables that will affect the overall cost. Factors such as the selection of a coffin or casket along with the options of burial or cremation can have a significant impact on the total funeral cost. So too can catering, press notices, printed materials and Audio Visual Tributes.