Many different variables can affect the overall cost of a funeral so there is no simple answer to this question. We like to help every family we serve to create a service that is unique so there really is no such thing as a typical funeral or typical funeral cost.

Funeral costs can be categorised into two separate components, the fees of the Funeral Director and the disbursements which are paid on behalf of the family to third parties including cemeteries, florists and clergy/celebrants. Both of these components are included on the one invoice.

The options of burial and cremation can have a significant impact on the total cost of the funeral service. You will find that the fee for cremation in metropolitan Melbourne is considerably less than the cost to purchase a new grave. However, if your family owns an existing grave with provision for further interments, you will only be required to pay an interment fee to re-open the grave.

Other factors such as the selection of coffin or casket, catering, press notices, printed materials and audio visual tributes will affect the overall funeral cost. Whether you choose the simplest or most elaborate funeral, make sure the Funeral Director provides you and your family with options that best suit your needs and budget and is fully transparent about all funeral related costs.

If you would like to discuss funeral service costs, please call our caring team on 03 9579 2020 and we will gently guide you through all the options available and ensure that the funeral of your loved one is truly memorable and reflects their life.