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The Importance of Photos at a Funeral

The Reynolds Funerals care team always encourage families to gather photos when preparing for the funeral service of their loved one. Many people assume that we simply require an image to personalise the front cover of the Order of Service booklet. However, photos serve many other meaningful purposes.

A collection of special photos can be used to create a photo board or combined with a favourite piece of music to create an Audio Visual Tribute which can be played during the funeral service. It is always advisable to include a good mix of photos including the person’s childhood, favourite sports and hobbies, milestones such as graduations, weddings and anniversaries, births of children and grandchildren and their retirement if applicable.

You may also like to take a moment to visit the eTributes tab here at out Reynolds Funerals website to see how photos can help family and friends to share their memories of the person being remembered.

It is important to remember that while a funeral is about celebrating the life of a loved one, we are also celebrating the relationships and friendships that the person has built and cherished throughout their life time. With this in mind, try to include photos of your loved one surrounded by their family and friends.

An increasing number of families also use photos to create special keepsakes such as bookmarks and thank you cards. These items can be distributed by our staff and help the memory of your loved one to remain long after the funeral has taken place.

If you have any questions about unique ways to include photos into the funeral service of your loved one, please call our care team at Reynolds Funerals on 9579 2020.