Did you know that approximately 2 in every 3 Australians prefer cremation over burial when planning their own funeral?

At Reynolds Funerals, families will often ask us specific questions relating to the cremation process before deciding if this option is suitable for them. To help provide you with the facts and dispel any myths about cremation, we would like to use this blog to answer some commonly asked questions below.

Where do cremations take place in Melbourne?

Melbourne has five crematoriums at Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Altona Memorial Park, Fawkner Memorial Park, Bunurong Memorial Park and Lilydale Memorial Park.

Do any religious groups forbid cremation for their followers?

Yes, cremation is forbidden by Islam, most Orthodox faiths and some other religions.

The Catholic Church dropped its prohibition of cremation in 1963.

Cremation is the preferred method for Hindu, Buddhist and Sinkh faiths.

Why must a pacemaker or other electronic device be removed from the deceased person before the cremation occurs?

By law, electronic devices such as pacemakers must be removed as they may potentially explode during the cremation process and damage the cremation chamber and injure crematorium staff.

Is cremation less expensive than burial?

You will find that in metropolitan Melbourne the fee for cremation is considerably less than the cost to purchase a new grave. However, if the family owns an existing grave with provision for further interments, the only fee applicable is an interment fee to re-open the grave.

Is the coffin cremated with the deceased person?

Yes it is.

What options are available for memorialisation of ashes?

There are many memorialisation options available to families. At Reynolds Funerals we encourage families to wait until after the funeral service has taken place to ensure that you can take the time to explore all of the memorialisation options. Most crematoriums will keep the cremated remains securely for several months so rest assured that you are under no pressure to make a decision quickly. Below are some popular memorialisation options that you might like to consider when the time is right:

Scattering the Ashes

On private land.

At a public park or garden.

At sea by boat.

Within cemetery grounds.

*You will need special permission to scatter ashes from owners of private land or local Council/Government Authorities of parks, beaches and gardens.

Take Home Memorial Options

Decorative Urn.

Handcrafted Jewellery (generally designed to accommodate a small portion of ashes).

Life Gem (genuine diamond/s produced from a portion of ashes).

Cemetery Memorial Options

A Family Tree (this generally includes a personally selected tree).

A Rose Position (this generally includes a personally selected rose or location around a rose bed).

Sculpture Garden Memorial (this generally includes a personally selected location around a sculpture).

Wall Niche

Interment of ashes into an existing family grave.

*Contact the cemetery of your choice directly to find out about their specific memorial options, costs and tenures.

Can ashes be taken interstate or overseas on an aircraft?

Yes, generally ashes can be carried with hand luggage in a sealed urn (or container provided by the crematorium) along with a copy of the death certificate and a copy of the statement from the crematorium which confirms the name of the deceased person and the location and date of cremation.

If travelling overseas, the consulate of the country the ashes are being taken should be contacted to ensure the passenger complies with their specific requirements.

Is more than one deceased person cremated at the one time in the cremation chamber?

No, each deceased person is cremated individually.

Does the cremation take place immediately after the funeral service or at the end of the day?

The deceased person is cremated as soon as possible after the funeral service has been held.


The Reynolds Funerals team hope this Fact Check about Cremations in Melbourne has been helpful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 03 9579 2020.