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Helping Children Understand Death

Helping your child understand and cope with the death of a loved one can be difficult when you are dealing with your own grief. At Reynolds Funerals we often find that parents are unsure whether their child should visit a loved one when death is imminent. This will depend on the age and personality of the child, the needs of your loved one as well as the overall situation. If you are uncertain, suggesting a telephone call can be an effective way to give your child a feeling of connection; the sound of your child’s voice might also be comforting for your loved one. Inviting your child to write a card, draw a picture, record a video message or gather some flowers from the garden can also help your child to feel included.

The care team at Reynolds Funerals also encourage parents to communicate effectively and ensure that their children have the opportunity to ask questions relating to the death of a family member. Most often, children respond when they are presented with basic and uncomplicated details which are delivered in a sympathetic manner. It can also help children to understand why a death has occurred. Using euphemisms such as ‘went to sleep’ or ‘went away’ when explaining death can be confusing for a child and it is better to offer an honest explanation.

Families often ask us if their children should attend the funeral of a loved one. Again, this will depend on the child and the situation. If your child does understand, their involvement can help them to accept the reality of death while surrounded by the care of your loving family.

Communication about the death of a loved one is easier when children feel that they have our permission to discuss the subject and believe that we are interested in their thoughts. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Reynolds Funerals care team on 9579 2020.