Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead

For many families, arranging a funeral in advance offers peace of mind when you need it most. It is comforting to know that your affairs are in order and that your personal wishes will be met when the time comes. It is also reassuring to know that family members will not be left with the financial burden and emotional stress of planning a funeral when the death occurs.

Reynolds Funerals understands that when planning ahead, it is most important for many families to have the flexibility and financial security of a Funeral Bond. We will ensure that the funds are invested securely with Foresters Friendly Society and that your personal requirements are clearly set out in a funeral pre-arrangement booklet which can be kept with your important documents.

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What are the benefits of arranging a Funeral Bond with Reynolds Funerals?

Here are just some of the many benefits of arranging a Funeral Bond:

  • A funeral bond is a specific funeral investment plan.
  • It is a capital guaranteed investment which means you never get back less than what is paid in (plus vested bonuses).
  • It’s secure, money invested must be used to contribute towards the cost of your funeral expenses and cannot be accessed until the time of death.
  • There are no medical or age limits.
  • You can invest in joint names.
  • You can invest up to $12,500 and this amount is deemed exempt from the assets test which can assist with pension entitlements.
  • If there are any excess funds in the funeral bond once the funeral is paid for, they will be returned to the Estate.
  • You can invest as little as $25 per month.
  • The investment is portable in case you move house so you’re not locked into using one funeral director. We understand that circumstances change, so to do families personal preferences for options such as burial or cremation.

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